P188X COVID Re-Opening Plan


We are starting the school year with a hybrid learning schedule. That means that your child will be in school some days and working from home some days. If necessary, we will switch to 100% remote learning for all students. Check this page for updates. 

                                                                                  Model 5A



Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Week Group D (Remote) Group D (Remote) Group D (Remote) Group D (Remote) Group D (Remote)
1 Group A Group A Group A Group B Group B
2 Group B Group A Group A Group B Group B


  • Two in-person cohorts, one remote.
  • Group A or Group B receives a third day of in-person instruction every other week.
  • Group A, Group B: in-person learning on two consistent days per week plus alternate Mondays; remote learning for non-in-person days.
  • Group D: remote every day; consists of students who opt-out of in-person instruction. 
  • If you would prefer a 100% online learning schedule for your child this year, go to: https://www.nycenet.edu/surveys/learningpreference
  • The school day will run from 8:00 a.m. - 2:40 p.m. Students may be dropped off no earlier than 7:45 and must be picked up promptly at the end of the school day. 

Your Responsibilities While in the Building

We have put safety procedures in place to keep our students and staff healthy.          

For local COVID testing:
Please visit the NYS Coronavirus Find a Test Site page to find a test site closest to you.

face covering


Hand washing


 Social distancing    

Traffic flow in hallways & common areas
person at home


Masks must be worn at all times by all adults (teachers, staff, and visitors) and by all students while in the building. If your child is unable to wear a mask for medical reasons, they must have an excuse signed by a doctor on file in the office.

Guidance Regarding Use of Face Coverings for Students Participating in Blended Learning

Students and staff are expected to wash hands thoroughly before and after eating, after using the bathroom, if exposed to body fluids (like saliva or a sneeze), and at other times necessary throughout the day. Hallways are marked with arrows. Please keep at least 6 ft. distance between yourself and others. Students and staff exhibiting signs of illness or having a fever of greater than 99.9°F must stay home. If you or someone you know has COVID-19 (or shows symptoms of COVID-19 such as coughing or fever), it is required that you stay home or at a designated care facility for a minimum of 14 days. Please contact us via phone or email as soon as possible.


To stay up to date with any changes to procedures or scheduling, please bookmark this page on your browser. We'll also be sending out emails to all families.

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Safety Precautions Taken By Our School

In addition to asking everyone to wear masks, wash hands, and maintain social distancing, our school has taken several steps to improve the safety of our staff and students. These steps have been recommended by local health authorities to reduce the risk of transmission of COVID-19 and other illnesses.

• Improvements in ventilation: In an effort to maximize air circulation, we are opening windows whenever possible and have added industrial fans to high-traffic areas.

• Increases in cleaning frequency: Routine cleaning is an important part of standard infection control practices for preventing the spread of COVID-19. Our school will be implementing the Cleaning Protocol developed by the DOE’s Division of School Facilities, which follows CDC guidance in addition to New York State Department of Health (DOH) guidance, linked here: https://www.health.ny.gov/diseases/communicable/coronavirus/docs/cleaning_guidance _schools.pdf.  The State DOH guidance also outlines additional cleaning procedures to perform in the event of a confirmed case of COVID-19 in a school.  Our school will now perform these enhanced cleaning procedures everyday regardless of any confirmed case of COVID-19.  Our Custodial Engineer will continue to comply with instructions on building ventilation and opening of windows.  Additional information is provided in the DOE’s Citywide District School Reopening Plan.

• Hand sanitation: All bathrooms have been stocked with extra soap for frequent hand washing. In addition, we have provided teachers with hand sanitizer for the classroom and added hand sanitizer stations in common areas.

• Drop-off and pickup procedures: Please maintain social distancing between families during drop-off and pickup.

• Visiting our school: We are limiting visitors to the school during this time.  Most parent-teacher conferences and other meetings can be held virtually.  All visits must be pre-approved and scheduled with the office.

• While in the building: When you enter the building, please check in at the front desk.  You will be asked to show your completed Health Screening Form and reminded to wear your mask at all times.

• Signage and Floor Markings: Schools will have signage that upholds NYC Health’s Four Core Actions for Prevention.

Information Sessions

Citywide Information Sessions can be found at: https://learndoe.org/face/recordings/

How Blended Learning Works

Blended learning combines in-class instruction and at-home learning. This allows us to limit the number of students in the building each day for safe social distancing, while still ensuring that students can benefit from direct interaction with teachers and peers. 

  • During days in class, teachers will provide direct small-group instruction. These days will be used primarily to introduce new topics, provide small group and one-on-one instructional support, and conduct assessments to monitor student progress towards standards. 
  • Students will be assigned additional activities to work on independently for there at-home learning days. These activities will allow students to apply and practice what they learned in class. There may be a combination of technology-based learning activities and offline worksheets, projects, and writing assignments. At-home learning activities are an important part of the learning process and will be graded. 
  • Teachers will have limited virtual "office hours" (on Google Classroom) during the week. Students who have questions or need extra support can check in with their teachers during their office hours for help with at-home learning assignments.

Remote Learning Expectations

During blended or 100% remote learning, your child is expected to complete all assignments provided by the teacher. At the same time, we recognize that working independently at home is different and difficult for many students, so we want to provide flexibility. 

  • Students and families should check Google Classroom daily for important updates from their teachers.  
  • At-home assignments will be posted in Google Classroom each week.
  • At-home assignments should be turned in by the deadline. Assignments will be graded.
  • All students are expected to sign into Virtual Meetings using the link in your teacher's Google Classroom.
  • During 100% distance learning, your teacher may conduct live classes via Google Hangouts. Check Google Classroom for your live class schedule.
  • When signing in for virtual classes or meetings, students are expected to be on time, appropriately dressed, and ready to learn. We suggest signing in 5 minutes before class starts. Please try to reduce background noise and distractions as much as possible.
  • Our school will follow the district-approved process for tracking and monitoring daily teacher/student interaction regardless as to whether the student is remote or in person, which includes:
    • Adhering to a tiered response protocol in monitoring chronic absenteeism
    • Employing evidence-based student engagement strategies that are shared through Every Student, Every Day such as Success Mentoring and weekly data-driven attendance meetings
    • Leveraging our community resources to re-engage chronically absent students
    • Reporting of daily teacher/student engagement and student attendance to be aggregated by the NYCDOE Central office in a centralized system

Technology: Devices, Internet Access, & Support

If your student needs a laptop or tablet, fill out the Device Request Form to request your device.  Device distribution is subject to availability and is not guaranteed. 
Borrowed devices should be used for school purposes only and kept in a secure location.

Support for the iPads is available through our Technical Support Ticket or by calling the Help desk at 718-935-5100.

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Getting Started with Your iPad

iPad Returns


Free Internet

Charter Communications, Inc. announced a relaunch of its Remote Education Offer providing free Spectrum Internet – with speeds up to 200 Mbps in most markets – and WiFi access for 60 days to households with K-12th graders, college students and/or educators. The promotion is available for customers who live in a Spectrum market and do not currently have Spectrum Internet services. To enroll, new customers can call 844-310-1198 and a free self-installation kit will be provided. 

Tips for Successful At-Home Learning

At-home learning will look different than a typical school day.  The amount of time your child should be expected to engage in learning activities will vary by age and grade level.  The expectations below are guidelines.  If your child is not able to complete at-home learning assignments, contact your child's teacher. 

  • Make sure your child has a quiet place to work (ideally a desk or table) and the school supplies they need.
  • Try to remove distractions like the television or other technology not needed for learning. 
  • Your child may benefit from focusing on a limited number of subjects each day. For example, If they are working at home Monday-Wednesday-Friday, they may want to work on science and math on Mondays, Social Studies and English Language Arts on Wednesday, and use Fridays to catch up on any assignments not yet completed. 


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Help for Families

We know that many families are struggling during this time, and we are here to help. 

  • Students and families needing additional food support may pick up free meals through the Meal Hub program (see link to the left). 
  • Our social worker and school psychologist are available for virtual meetings. They can also connect your family with community resources to help you. 
  • There are many community resources available for families who need help with housing support, utilities, mental health services, crisis services, and other supports during this time. Use the quick links to the right to connect with more community resources. 


If you have any questions about the COVID-19 plan, please contact

Isabella Valderrama, ivalderrama@schools.nyc.gov

*You can also connect with your teachers directly using the Staff Organization page for each school.


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Mental Health

Our students will return to school this fall with unfinished learning. Coupled with this, many students will also return to school with considerable anxiety and trauma. In implementing our educational program this fall, our priorities will be to create safe, trusting learning environments where we can know students on a personal level, understand their background, culture and life experiences, and address their differentiated academic needs.

Bilingual Education 

Language access for students and families and meeting the instructional and social emotional needs of our English language learners (ELLs) and multilingual learners (MLLs) are priorities for our school. In addition to the instructional supports described in our school’s continuity of learning plan, we will adhere to all mandates for the provision of Bilingual and English as a New Language (ENL) programming to ELLs/MLLs as required by Commissioner’s Regulations Part 154.

We have designated:

  • Benjamin Gehlmeyer- AP
  • Juan Nunez- ENL
  • Barrett-Inman- ENL 
  • Dr. Nubia Espana- ENL
  • Daphne Gribetz- ENL

as the point people for our school who will be responsible for ensuring continuous compliance with all mandates for the provision of Bilingual and English as a New Language (ENL) programming to ELLs/MLLs, as required by Commissioner’s Regulations Part 154, and meaningful communication with parents/guardians of ELLs/MLLs in their preferred language and mode of communication.  Additional information is provided in the Services for ELLs Policy referenced in the DOE’s Citywide District School Reopening Plan.