Academics & Curriculum

P.188X offers a full course of study based upon the NYC and NY State Standards. In addition to the four academic areas, students in standard assessment are afforded additional instruction in specialty areas including English language arts, math, science,, social studies, computer technology, wood shop technology, dance, physical education, library skills art, food shop preparation, adaptive physical, and activities of daily living..

Our focus on improving students’ level of literacy will be accomplished through continuation of the Uniform curriculum. This will include 90-minute literacy and math blocks, intensive staff development and additional AIS services. In grade K-3 “Month by Month” Phonics will be supplemented with classroom libraries. A Balanced Literacy program will be continued which includes independent reading and writing, shared reading, interactive writing, read aloud, work study and guided reading. In grades 4-8 a Balanced Literacy program will be implemented using classroom libraries and periodicals. In addition, several teachers will be using the computer based reading programs, and The Wilson Reading Language Program. In the area of mathematics, Equals is implanted for students in grade K-5. Grade 6-8 use CmP3.

Our science Program focuses on hands- on experiments, keeping logs and journals, and summarization of discoveries. Scientific method of inquiry and utilizing research skills are both integrated as part of the curriculum.

Our Social Studies Program focuses initially on the child’s sense of self, family and neighborhood and progresses towards developing concepts regarding life skills, school rules, community, city, state, country and global awareness. Literature will continue to be used to supplement and enhance the curriculum across the grades.

2019-2020 SCEP Goals

Safety: 10% reduction in Level 3 infractions to the discipline code.

ELA: 5% increase in mean ELA growth on the SANDI/MAP assessment for all students.

MATH: 5% increase in mean math growth on the SANDI/MAP assessment for all students.

GRADUATION: Within 6 months of graduation, 80% of HS graduates will have a post-secondary placement i.e. college, vocational, or transitional program.

College and Career Readiness: 70% of students will meet SANDI CDOS goal with achievement level of 2 or greater.

Pre-K Common Core and Fun & Feelings Program

 NY State Pre-K Foundation for the Common Core

 Fun with Feelings: A Rollout Guide 

The Pre-K Thrive Fun with Feelings cards are a playful way for families to help children learn about feelings and support social emotional skill-building at home. Supporting children’s social and emotional development at school and at home increases children’s chances of success in kindergarten and beyond.


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