Report Cards & Parent Teacher Conferences

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Report Cards

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Students receive report cards three (3) times a year. If your child attends summer school he/she will receive one progress report in addition to the three he/she receives during the school year. The report cards and/or progress reports are part of your child’s permanent record. The report cards and/ or progress reports are designed to coordinate with your child’s Individualized Educational Plan.

It is your right, and we encourage you to make comments in the space provided on your child’s report card. If you desire further explanation, call the school to arrange a meeting with your child’s teacher(s). Please use this as an opportunity to discuss your child’s progress.

When the report card arrives home, it is important that you praise your child for any improvement in their grades and suggest ways to progress further. Use this opportunity to discuss academic areas and give concrete examples of how to improve. Be positive.

K-12 188X Grading Policy

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The purpose of our grading policy is to provide you with a comprehensive explanation of report card content/subject grades based on: assessments, classwork, attendance, and homework. This will allow you to have a better understanding of how your child’s teacher assigned the grade. The grades are weighted based on the chart below.

Because attendance is critically important it is also factored into your child’s grade. Please help us, help our students succeed by sending them to school and partnering with us to make academic strides in learning!

Any questions or concerns feel free to contact the school.

Warm Regards,

Shanie J. Smith-Baugh


Item Weight
(Test, quizzes, unit assessments, etc.)
(In class assignments, portfolios, projects, essays, etc.)
(School-wide attendance goal 90%)
(Assignments to be completed outside of the school day.)


Course Mark Description Accuracy
4 Exceeding Standards 80-100%
3 Meeting Standards 60-79%
2 Below Standards 40% - 59%
1 Well Below Standards <39%