Vision & Mission Statement


Our Vision

We believe all students can learn and are entitled to be provided with equitable access to the best education possible.


Our Mission

We foster an equitable educational experience and environment for all students taking into account their diverse needs, interests, abilities and access. We promote positive self-awareness and provide social-emotional supports among students to develop academic, communication and life skills to maximize individual student growth and independence. We deliver a high-quality education through standards-based instruction for our students to become socially responsive lifelong learners and active participants in their communities.


Instructional Focus Priority 2022-2023

Instructional Focus

We will create learning experiences and pathways to independence for students that address and foster strong foundational, social emotional, and literacy skills; while developing their knowledge and awareness through career and community exploration.

School Comprehension Educational Plan Goals

Supportive Environment


By June, 2023, the average number of parent members attending school based/facilitated workshops will increase 30%, from 10 to 13  parent members on average, as measured by workshop attendance data.

Elementary/Middle School ELA

By June, 2023, Elementary/Middle School ELA    for All Students will Increase 10%, from         63% to 73, as measured by FAST.                    By June, 2023, Elementary/Middle School         ELA for All Students will Increase 5 points as measured by MAP.

High School Graduation/Post-Secondary


By June, 2023, high school aged students participating           in post-secondary employment training will Increase       10%, from 20% to 30%, as measured by Post-Secondary Employment Training Tracker..



Quality Individualized Education Program


    By June, 2023, to strengthen the quality and          implementation of IEPs for All Students with        Disabilities (SWD), we will increase the number      of IEPs with strong alignment between the               present levels of performance and student              annual goals by 12.5%, from 0% to 12.5%, as         measured by school  based and district IEP review data.

Elementary/Middle School Math


 By June, 2023, Elementary/Middle School Math   for All Students will Increase 10% as measured   by FAST. By June, 2023, Elementary/Middle   School Math for All Students will Increase 5 points as measured by MAP.

College, Career, Civic Readiness (CCCR)


      By June, 2023, the number of students participating in           leadership roles within the school will Increase 100%        from 8 to 16 total students, as measured by student participation rates in school leadership roles.