P.188X @ P.S. 34

March 30, 2020

Dear P188X @ P34 Families:

As you know, the health and safety of our students and staff is our top priority. Much has changed very rapidly with respect to COVID-19 in our school, community and citywide. School buildings are now closed to students until April 20, 2020, and remote learning commenced last week for all students.

With respect to the P188X @ P34 community, I am writing to inform you that a member of our school community has self-reported that they tested positive for COVID-19. A disinfection of the school building has been completed in accordance with New York State Department of Health guidelines. As a reminder, the DOE routinely conducts deep cleanings in your school.

Please also note that according to the NYC Department of Health, there is now widespread community transmission of COVID-19 in New York City, meaning the sources of new infections are unknown. Everyone in New York City should act as if they have been exposed to COVID-19. That means monitoring your health closely and staying home if you are sick. New Yorkers who are not sick should also stay home as much as possible and avoid all unnecessary social interactions.

What You Should Do

  • If you feel sick, do not go to school or to work.
  • Call your doctor if you have symptoms like coughing, shortness of breath, fever, or sore throat and tell your doctor that you may have been exposed to COVID-19. If you need help finding medical care, call 311.
  • Educate yourself about COVID-19 through the NYC Health Department’s website at https://www1.nyc.gov/site/doh/health/health-topics/coronavirus.page.
  • Continue to practice gen eral viral infection prevention measures including:
    • Wash your hands with soap and water often.
    • Cover your nose and mouth with a tissue or sleeve when sneezing or coughing.
    • Do not touch your face with unwashed hands.
    • Do not shake hands. Instead, wave or elbow bump.
    • Monitor your health more closely than usual for cold or flu symptoms.
    • Get your flu shot – it’s never too late.
    • Reduce overcrowding by walking or biking, if possible.
    • If the train is too packed, wait for the next one.

Please visit schools.nyc.gov/coronavirus for important school-related guidance and nyc.gov/coronavirus at any time for critical updates, including ways to fight stigma and bias around the coronavirus. It’s important we come together and support one another during this time. 

Nothing matters more than the health and safety of our staff and students, and we are committed to keeping our school community fully informed.

Please do not hesitate to contact Superintendent Ketler Louissaint, KLouiss@schools.nyc.gov 212-802-1520 with any questions.

Shanie Johnson Smith-Baugh

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Staff Organization

**Organization is subject to change based on school allocation and student referrals**





Shanie J. Smith-Baugh Principal Ext. 132 sjohnso28@schools.nyc.gov
Trevor Headley 
Assistant Principal Ext 312 theadle@schools.nyc.gov
Asia Williams Assistant Principal Ext. 452 awilliams37@schools.nyc.gov
Office Staff Title Ext.  Email
Angela Elia Teacher Payroll Secretary Ext. 132 aelia2@schools.nyc.gov
Nancy DeFelice Paraprofessional Payroll Secretary Ext. 134 ndefelice@schools.nyc.gov
Jennifer Roman Pupil Accounting Secretary Ext. 175 jroman17@schools.nyc.gov
Kelee Wilkins School Aide Ext. 111 kwilkins@schools.nyc.gov
Isabella Valderrama Parent Coordinator Ext. 201 ivalderrama@schools.nyc.gov
James Bellejambe Family Worker Ext. 514 jbellejambe@schools.nyc.gov 
Rosalinda Thompkins Attendance Teacher School-Wide RThompk@schools.nyc.gov
Jennifer Carlone SESIS Coordinator School-Wide jcarlone@schools.nyc.gov 
Cynthia Stokes School Based Coach School-Wide cstokes@schools.nyc.gov 
John Kimmel AIS Curriculum Support Liaison School-Wide jkimmel4@schools.nyc.gov
Jennifer Bolanos Unit Coordinator Ext. 2011 JBolano@schools.nyc.gov
Cynthia Stokes Math Coach Ext. 4143 CStokes@schools.nyc.gov
F. Cabatic School Nurse Ext. 1151 fcabatic@schools.nyc.gov
TBA School Assessment Family Worker Ext. 304  

* EC (K-2), E (3-5), J (6-8)

Official Teacher & Class Assignments Ratio Class Grade Room # Email
Melany Raju 8:1:2 C01 Pre-K 157 mraju@schools.nyc.gov
Karen Montanez 8:1:2 C02 Pre-K 102 kmontanez@schools.nyc.gov
Janelle Cezar 8:1:2 C03 Pre-K 107 mcezar@schools.nyc.gov
Annette Vasquez 8:1:2 C04 Pre-K 123 avasquez17@schools.nyc.gov
Sholunda Cruz 12:1:1 V28 EC 429 scruz41@schools.nyc.gov
Stephanie Weinstock 12:1:1 V29 EC 125 sweinstock5@schools.nyc.gov
Judith Thompson 12:1:1 V30 EC 106 jthompson10@schools.nyc.gov
Ashley Pacheco


V31 E(A) 203 apacheco8@schools.nyc.gov
Norkelis Maldonado 12:1:1 V32 E 223 nmaldonado10@schools.nyc.gov
TBD 12:1:1 V80 J 407  
Mary Flanagan 8:1:1 X01 J(A) 407 mflanag5@schools.nyc.gov
Tove Andersen 8:1:1 X02 J(A) 319


Trudi McKenzie 8:1:1 X18 EC(A) 410 tmckenz@schools.nyc.gov
Sherline Russell 8:1:1 X19 EC(A) 406 srussell11@schools.nyc.gov
Katrina Boston 8:1:1 X20 E(A) 204 kboston3@schools.nyc.gov
Carina Vanryck Degroot 8:1:1 X21 E(A) 207 cvanryckdegroot@schools.nyc.gov 
Barbara Aremu 6:1:1 Y04 EC(A) 421 baremu@schools.nyc.gov
Mireya Vargas 6:1:1 Y05 EC(A) 417 mvargas32@schools.nyc.gov
Samantha Levy 6:1:1 Y06 EC(A) 409 slevy31@schools.nyc.gov
Amanda Wynter 6:1:1 Y07 EC(A) 412A awynter@schools.nyc.gov
Hadar Rau 6:1:1 Y08 EC(A) 217 hrau@schools.nyc.gov
Winward Dale 6:1:1 Y09 E(A) 412B wdale@schools.nyc.gov
Kathy Manessis 6:1:1 Y11 E(A) 219 kmanessis@schools.nyc.gov
Patricia Currie 6:1:1 Y12 E(A) 206 pcurrie2@schools.nyc.gov
Ana Gil 6:1:1 Y13 E(A) 209 agil5@schools.nyc.gov
Colleen Fell 6:1:1 Y15 J(A)  227 cfell@schools.nyc.gov
Winston Johnson 6:1:1 Y16 J(A)  210  wjohnson12@schools.nyc.gov
Ruth Batista 6:1:1 Y17 J(A)  307 rbatista3@schools.nyc.gov
Asantewaa Asamoah 6:1:1 Y18 J(A)  315 aasamoah@schools.nyc.gov
Gifty Kusi 6:1:1 Y19 J(A)  306 gkusi@schools.nyc.gov
 Shawn Wills 6:1:1 Y20 J(A)  208   swills3@schools.nyc.gov


CLUSTER TEACHERS Subject Area Room # Email
Ann Hamlett-Baretto Social Studies II 281 ahamlettbarreto@schools.nyc.gov
Joseph Borges Health 301 JBorges@schools.nyc.gov
William Rodriguez Adaptive Physical Education 301 WRodrig6@schools.nyc.gov
Michael Donnelly Physical Education/APE 301 mdonnelly11@schools.nyc.gov 
Joseph Calvarino Technology (Wood Shop) 314 JCalvarino@schools.nyc.gov
Darren Bohrer Art 325 DBohrer@schools.nyc.gov
TBD Drama Auditorium  
Antonia Gonzalez A.D.L.I
281 agonzal12@schools.nyc.gov 
Kevin Logan A.D.L.II 433 LImperi2@schools.nyc.gov
Laura Matich Dance/Movement 433 LMatich@schools.nyc.gov
Daphne Gribetz E.N.L 409 dgribetz@schools.nyc.gov
Regina Ricci Art Literacy I 433  rricci2@schools.nyc.gov 
Susan Silverman Art Literacy II 325  ssilverman5@schools.nyc.gov 
Momodu Sesay Science I 404 MSesay@schools.nyc.gov
Amy Griffin Science II 105 agriffin3@schools.nyc.gov 
Kevin Devaney Media Studies 305 kdevane@schools.nyc.gov 
RELATED SERVICE PROVIDER Specialization Room # Email
Jaclyn Greco Speech  201A jgreco11@schools.nyc.gov
Myles Antoine Speech 423 MAntoin4@schools.nyc.gov
Siena Bustos Speech 233 SBustos@schools.nyc.gov
Judith Wynter Speech 419 JWynter2@schools.nyc.gov
Darleen Carr Speech 253 DCarr2@schools.nyc.gov
Laura Garcia Speech 401 lgarcia66@schools.nyc.gov
Victoria Louie Speech 402B vlouie@schools.nyc.gov
Lisa Notaristefano Speech   lnotaristefano@schools.nyc.gov
Kelly Conlin Speech   kconlin@schools.nyc.gov
Riche Baldovino PT 112 RBaldovino@schools.nyc.gov
Marysol J. Amponin PT 112 MJabiguero@schools.nyc.gov
Joseph Lijo PT 112 LJoseph12@schools.nyc.gov
Penda Archer PT 112 parcher@schools.nyc.gov
Cira Kelley Guidance 415 ckelley@schools.nyc.gov
Marcia Minaya Guidance 424 MMinaya2@schools.nyc.gov
Danielle Moore Social Worker 416 DMoore14@schools.nyc.gov
Jennifer Valandra OT 112 jvalandra@schools.nyc.gov
Venus Peláez OT 112 vpelaez@schools.nyc.gov
Glenda Canete OT 112 gcanete@schools.nyc.gov
Susan Schafer OT 112 sschaefer4@schools.nyc.gov