P.188X @ P.S. 34

Assistant Principal

Assistant Principal

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Staff Organization

**Organization is subject to change based on school allocation and student referrals**





Shanie J. Smith-Baugh Principal Ext. 132 sjohnso28@schools.nyc.gov
Trevor Headley 
Assistant Principal Ext 312 theadle@schools.nyc.gov
Asia Williams Assistant Principal Ext. 452 awilliams37@schools.nyc.gov
Office Staff Title Ext.  Email
Angela Elia Teacher Payroll Secretary Ext. 132 aelia2@schools.nyc.gov
Nancy DeFelice Paraprofessional Payroll Secretary Ext. 134 ndefelice@schools.nyc.gov
Jennifer Roman Pupil Accounting Secretary Ext. 175 jroman17@schools.nyc.gov
Kelee Wilkins School Aide Ext. 111 kwilkins@schools.nyc.gov
Isabella Valderrama Parent Coordinator Ext. 201 ivalderrama@schools.nyc.gov
James Bellejambe Family Worker Ext. 514 jbellejambe@schools.nyc.gov 
Rosalinda Thompkins Attendance Teacher School-Wide RThompk@schools.nyc.gov
Jennifer Carlone SESIS Coordinator School-Wide jcarlone@schools.nyc.gov 
Cynthia Stokes School Based Coach School-Wide cstokes@schools.nyc.gov 
John Kimmel AIS Curriculum Support Liaison School-Wide jkimmel4@schools.nyc.gov
Jennifer Bolanos Unit Coordinator Ext. 2011 JBolano@schools.nyc.gov
Cynthia Stokes Math Coach Ext. 4143 CStokes@schools.nyc.gov
F. Cabatic School Nurse Ext. 1151 fcabatic@schools.nyc.gov
TBA School Assessment Family Worker Ext. 304  

* EC (K-2), E (3-5), J (6-8)

Official Teacher & Class Assignments Ratio Class Grade Room # Email
Melany Raju 8:1:2 C01 Pre-K 157 mraju@schools.nyc.gov
Karen Montanez 8:1:2 C02 Pre-K 102 kmontanez@schools.nyc.gov
Janelle Cezar 8:1:2 C03 Pre-K 107 mcezar@schools.nyc.gov
Annette Vasquez 8:1:2 C04 Pre-K 123 avasquez17@schools.nyc.gov
Sholunda Cruz 12:1:1 V28 EC 429 scruz41@schools.nyc.gov
Stephanie Weinstock 12:1:1 V29 EC 125 sweinstock5@schools.nyc.gov
Judith Thompson 12:1:1 V30 EC 106 jthompson10@schools.nyc.gov
Ashley Pacheco


V31 E(A) 203 apacheco8@schools.nyc.gov
Norkelis Maldonado 12:1:1 V32 E 223 nmaldonado10@schools.nyc.gov
TBD 12:1:1 V80 J 407  
Mary Flanagan 8:1:1 X01 J(A) 407 mflanag5@schools.nyc.gov
Tove Andersen 8:1:1 X02 J(A) 319


Trudi McKenzie 8:1:1 X18 EC(A) 410 tmckenz@schools.nyc.gov
Sherline Russell 8:1:1 X19 EC(A) 406 srussell11@schools.nyc.gov
Katrina Boston 8:1:1 X20 E(A) 204 kboston3@schools.nyc.gov
Carina Vanryck Degroot 8:1:1 X21 E(A) 207 cvanryckdegroot@schools.nyc.gov 
Barbara Aremu 6:1:1 Y04 EC(A) 421 baremu@schools.nyc.gov
Mireya Vargas 6:1:1 Y05 EC(A) 417 mvargas32@schools.nyc.gov
Samantha Levy 6:1:1 Y06 EC(A) 409 slevy31@schools.nyc.gov
Amanda Wynter 6:1:1 Y07 EC(A) 412A awynter@schools.nyc.gov
Hadar Rau 6:1:1 Y08 EC(A) 217 hrau@schools.nyc.gov
Winward Dale 6:1:1 Y09 E(A) 412B wdale@schools.nyc.gov
Kathy Manessis 6:1:1 Y11 E(A) 219 kmanessis@schools.nyc.gov
Patricia Currie 6:1:1 Y12 E(A) 206 pcurrie2@schools.nyc.gov
Ana Gil 6:1:1 Y13 E(A) 209 agil5@schools.nyc.gov
Colleen Fell 6:1:1 Y15 J(A)  227 cfell@schools.nyc.gov
Winston Johnson 6:1:1 Y16 J(A)  210  wjohnson12@schools.nyc.gov
Ruth Batista 6:1:1 Y17 J(A)  307 rbatista3@schools.nyc.gov
Asantewaa Asamoah 6:1:1 Y18 J(A)  315 aasamoah@schools.nyc.gov
Gifty Kusi 6:1:1 Y19 J(A)  306 gkusi@schools.nyc.gov
 Shawn Wills 6:1:1 Y20 J(A)  208   swills3@schools.nyc.gov


CLUSTER TEACHERS Subject Area Room # Email
Ann Hamlett-Baretto Social Studies II 281 ahamlettbarreto@schools.nyc.gov
Joseph Borges Health 301 JBorges@schools.nyc.gov
William Rodriguez Adaptive Physical Education 301 WRodrig6@schools.nyc.gov
Michael Donnelly Physical Education/APE 301 mdonnelly11@schools.nyc.gov 
Joseph Calvarino Technology (Wood Shop) 314 JCalvarino@schools.nyc.gov
Darren Bohrer Art 325 DBohrer@schools.nyc.gov
TBD Drama Auditorium  
Antonia Gonzalez A.D.L.I
281 agonzal12@schools.nyc.gov 
Kevin Logan A.D.L.II 433 LImperi2@schools.nyc.gov
Laura Matich Dance/Movement 433 LMatich@schools.nyc.gov
Daphne Gribetz E.N.L 409 dgribetz@schools.nyc.gov
Regina Ricci Art Literacy I 433  rricci2@schools.nyc.gov 
Susan Silverman Art Literacy II 325  ssilverman5@schools.nyc.gov 
Momodu Sesay Science I 404 MSesay@schools.nyc.gov
Amy Griffin Science II 105 agriffin3@schools.nyc.gov 
Kevin Devaney Media Studies 305 kdevane@schools.nyc.gov 
RELATED SERVICE PROVIDER Specialization Room # Email
Jaclyn Greco Speech  201A jgreco11@schools.nyc.gov
Myles Antoine Speech 423 MAntoin4@schools.nyc.gov
Siena Bustos Speech 233 SBustos@schools.nyc.gov
Judith Wynter Speech 419 JWynter2@schools.nyc.gov
Darleen Carr Speech 253 DCarr2@schools.nyc.gov
Laura Garcia Speech 401 lgarcia66@schools.nyc.gov
Victoria Louie Speech 402B vlouie@schools.nyc.gov
Lisa Notaristefano Speech   lnotaristefano@schools.nyc.gov
Kelly Conlin Speech   kconlin@schools.nyc.gov
Riche Baldovino PT 112 RBaldovino@schools.nyc.gov
Marysol J. Amponin PT 112 MJabiguero@schools.nyc.gov
Joseph Lijo PT 112 LJoseph12@schools.nyc.gov
Penda Archer PT 112 parcher@schools.nyc.gov
Cira Kelley Guidance 415 ckelley@schools.nyc.gov
Marcia Minaya Guidance 424 MMinaya2@schools.nyc.gov
Danielle Moore Social Worker 416 DMoore14@schools.nyc.gov
Jennifer Valandra OT 112 jvalandra@schools.nyc.gov
Venus Peláez OT 112 vpelaez@schools.nyc.gov
Glenda Canete OT 112 gcanete@schools.nyc.gov
Susan Schafer OT 112 sschaefer4@schools.nyc.gov