P.188X @ P.S. 34

Assistant Principal

Assistant Principal

Staff Organization

**Organization is subject to change based on school allocation and student referrals**





Shanie J. Smith-Baugh Principal Ext. 132 sjohnso28@schools.nyc.gov
Benjamin Gehlmeyer
Assistant Principal Ext 312 bgehlmeyer@schools.nyc.gov
Asia Williams Assistant Principal Ext. 452 awilliams37@schools.nyc.gov
Office Staff Title Ext.  Email
Angela Elia Teacher Payroll Secretary Ext. 1093 aelia2@schools.nyc.gov
Nancy DeFelice Paraprofessional Payroll Secretary Ext. 1094 ndefelice@schools.nyc.gov
Natalie Cortes Pupil Accounting Secretary Ext. 1092 ncortes6@schools.nyc.gov
Kelee Wilkins School Aide Ext. 1091 kwilkins@schools.nyc.gov
Laura Combs Parent Coordinator Ext. 1292 lcombs3@schools.nyc.gov
Jennifer Bolanos Unit Coordinator Ext. 123A jbolano@schools.nyc.gov
Mario Gamez Dean Ext. 3001 mgamez@schools.nyc.gov
James Bellejambe Family Worker Ext. 1096 jbellejambe@schools.nyc.gov 
Leonela Diaz Attendance Teacher School-Wide ncortes6@schools.nyc.gov
Jennifer Carlone SESIS Coordinator School-Wide jcarlone@schools.nyc.gov 
Cynthia Stokes School Based Coach School-Wide cstokes@schools.nyc.gov 
John Kimmel AIS Curriculum Support Liaison School-Wide jkimmel4@schools.nyc.gov
Cynthia Stokes Math Coach Ext. 4143 CStokes@schools.nyc.gov
Roselyn Montgomery School Nurse Ext. 1151 rmontgomery3@schools.nyc.gov

* EC (K-2), E (3-5), J (6-8)

Official Teacher & Class Assignments Ratio Class Email
K. Montanez 8:1:2 C02 kmontanez@schools.nyc.gov
M. Raju 8:1:2 C03 mraju@schools.nyc.gov
J. Cezar 8:1:2 C04 mcezar@schools.nyc.gov
H. Doro 12:1:1 V28 hdoroalcantara@schools.nyc.gov
S. Cruz 12:1:1 V30 scruz41@schools.nyc.gov
A. Pacheco 12:1:1 V31 apacheco8@schools.nyc.gov
S. Wills 12:1:1 V32  swills3@schools.nyc.gov
A. Asamoah 12:1:1 V29 aasamoah@schools.nyc.gov
M. Flanagan 8:1:1 X01 mflanag5@schools.nyc.gov
A. Fernandez 8:1:1 X02 afernandez29@schools.nyc.gov
K. Tanis 8:1:1 X16 ktanis2@schools.nyc.gov
A. Vasquez 8:1:1 X17 avasquez17@schools.nyc.gov
VAC- Intended 8:1:1 X18  
S. Russell 8:1:1 X19 srussell11@schools.nyc.gov
K. Boston 8:1:1 X20 kboston3@schools.nyc.gov
C. Degroot 8:1:1 X21 cvanryckdegroot@schools.nyc.gov 
B. Aremu 6:1:1 Y04 baremu@schools.nyc.gov
P. Lewis 6:1:1 Y05 plewis20@schools.nyc.gov
H. Rau 6:1:1 Y06 hrau@schools.nyc.gov
A. Basu De 6:1:1 Y08 abasude@schools.nyc.gov
W. Dale 6:1:1 Y09 wdale@schools.nyc.gov
R. Gregory  6:1:1 Y10 rgregory2@schools.nyc.gov
K. Manessis 6:1:1 Y11 kmanessis@schools.nyc.gov
P. Currie 6:1:1 Y12 pcurrie2@schools.nyc.gov
C. Fell 6:1:1 Y15 cfell@schools.nyc.gov
W. Johnson 6:1:1 Y16 wjohnson12@schools.nyc.gov
R. Batista 6:1:1 Y17 rbatista3@schools.nyc.gov
G. Kusi 6:1:1 Y18 gkusi@schools.nyc.gov


J. Greco Speech jgreco11@schools.nyc.gov
J. Wynter Speech JWynter2@schools.nyc.gov
D. Carr Speech DCarr2@schools.nyc.gov
K. Conlin Speech kconlin@schools.nyc.gov
L. Garcia Speech lgarcia66@schools.nyc.gov
V. Louie Speech vlouie@schools.nyc.gov
Z. Glynn Speech zglynn@schools.nyc.gov
M. Mitchell Speech mmitchell26@schools.nyc.gov
L. Notaristefano Speech lnotaristefano@schools.nyc.gov
R. Lang Speech rlang6@schools.nyc.gov
V. Vega Speech vvega13@schools.nyc.gov
M. Amponin Physical Therapy mjabiguero@schools.nyc.gov
P. Archer Physical Therapy parcher@schools.nyc.gov
R. Baldovino Physical Therapy RBaldovino@schools.nyc.gov
J. Lijo Physical Therapy LJoseph12@schools.nyc.gov
M. Minaya Guidance Counselor MMinaya2@schools.nyc.gov
D. Moore Social Worker DMoore14@schools.nyc.gov
J. Valandra Occupational Therapist jvalandra@schools.nyc.gov
M. Tessema Occupational Therapist mtessema@schools.nyc.gov
V.  Peláez Occupational Therapist vpelaez@schools.nyc.gov
S. Schafer Occupational Therapist sschaefer4@schools.nyc.gov
N. Kanerek Occupational Therapist nkanarek2@schools.nyc.gov
J. Leo  Occupational Therapist jleo25@schools.nyc.gov
A. Herstic Occupational Therapist aherstic@schools.nyc.gov
S. Sandoval Occupational Therapist ssandoval6@schools.nyc.gov