P.188X @ H.S. 790

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Our Activities of Daily Living (ADL) classrooms is fully equipped with a kitchen, washer and dryer. It is in this classroom that students will gain the skills to live independently as adults. Students learn meal preparation, shopping skills, and grooming skills. It is our goal to have all students procure some form of independence prior to transitioning into the adult world.

 An auditorium: "When we create schools that we value, for our children, and for ourselves, we will have created schools of value to others as well."  

Our Classrooms

In keeping with the age of technology, all of our classrooms are equipped with state of the art SmartBoards. Utilizing SmartBoards has revolutionized the instruction process. Students are engaged and teachers have a more hands-on approach to teaching. Technology is a major component in the 21st Century and we are equipped to provide our students with the skills necessary to succeed in the world.

Staff Organization

P188X 2019-2020

**Organization is subject to change based on school allocation and student referrals**

P188X @ HS 790

Administration Title Ext. Email
Shanie J. Smith-Baugh Principal Ext. 132 sjohnso28@schools.nyc.gov
Wahnda Milton Assistant Principal H790 Ext. 4110 wmilton@schools.nyc.gov
Ursula Luciano Assistant Principal H790 Ext. 4110 uluciano@schools.nyc.gov


Office Staff Title Ext. Email
Antoinette Lee Transition Linkage Coordinator RM B01 alee25@schools.nyc.gov
Laura Combs School Aide RM B39A Ext. 4390, 4393 lcombs3@schools.nyc.gov


TEACHER & CLASS ASSIGNMENTS Ratio Class Grade Room E-mail
Michael Rizzo Inclusion L10 H B39 mrizzo11@schools.nyc.gov
Michelle Siefert Inclusion L11 H B39 mseifert@schools.nyc.gov
Ciara Moffat Inclusion L12 H B39 cmoffatt2@schools.nyc.gov
Denyse Edwards Work site W01 H B01 dedwards8@schools.nyc.gov
Jarrall Blount 12:1:1 V01 H (A) B05 jblount@schools.nyc.gov
Ashanti Rhett 12:1:1 V02 H (A) B16 arhett@schools.nyc.gov
Andrew-Luke Singh 12:1:1 V03 H (A) B14 asingh21@schools.nyc.gov
Gene Bascom 12:1:1 V04 H (A) B13 gbascom@schools.nyc.gov
Joseph Osei 12:1:1 V05 H (A) B16 josei@schools.nyc.gov
Eric Daur 8:1:1 X22 H (A) B04 edaur@schools.nyc.gov
Carolyn Joyner 8:1:1 X23 H (A) B10 cjoyner@schools.nyc.gov
Andrew Anderson 8:1:1 X24 H (A) B04 aanderson30@schools.nyc.gov
Sheila Parra Sanchez 6:1:1 Y01 H (A) B08 sparras@schools.nyc.gov
Michael Guida 6:1:1 Y02 H (A) B07 mguida2@schools.nyc.gov
Mellciea Campbell 6:1:1 Y03 H (A) B13 mcampbell45@schools.nyc.gov


Mathew Skrypack APE Gym MSkrypack@schools.nyc.gov
Jazelle Bruce Math & Technology Push-In jbruce4@schools.nyc.gov
Eric Barnett ADL Push-In EBarnet4@schools.nyc.gov
Wendy Gil ART Push-In




Cherice Acevedo Speech B18 caceved7@schools.nyc.gov
Taiye Ologunja Speech B39 tologunja@schools.nyc.gov
Kristen Verska School Psychologist
Library kverska@schools.nyc.gov
Lachone Forrest Counselor B02 lforrest@schools.nyc.gov
Mercedes Gracioso Guidance 415 gmercedesdecabral@schools.nyc.gov
Barrett Inman ENL B39 (Push-In) binman2@schools.nyc.gov
Akinwunmi Jones OT B18 (Push-In) ajones94@schools.nyc.gov
Lizette Talan PT TBD MTalan@schools.nyc.gov