P.188X @ M.S. 301

P188X@301 Staff Organization

P188X 2023-2024

**Organization is subject to change based on school allocation and student referrals**

Administration Title Email
Shanie J. Smith-Baugh Principal sjohnso28@schools.nyc.gov
Jennifer Carlone Assistant Principal jcarlone@schools.nyc.gov


Office Staff Title Ext. Email

J. Fermaint

School Aide



L. Perez




A. Chima

School Nurse




Teacher Ratio Class E-Mail
A. Abdul-Salam 12:1:1 V19 aabdulsalam4@schools.nyc.gov
A. Dennis 12:1:1 V20 adennis7@schools.nyc.gov
D. McCollough 12:1:1 V21 dmccullough4@schools.nyc.gov
A. Pete 12:1:1 V22 apete@schools.nyc.gov
E. Eguabor 12:1:1 V23 deguabor@schools.nyc.gov
A. Hogan 8:1:1 X10 ahogan8@schools.nyc.gov
K. Robinson 8:1:1 X11 krobins12@schools.nyc.gov
E. Murray 8:1:1 X12 emurray5@schools.nyc.gov
N. McKenzie 8:1:1 X13 nmckenzie3@schools.nyc.gov
A. Martinez 8:1:1 X30 amartinez99@schools.nyc.gov
D. Colon 8:1:1 X31 dcolon25@schools.nyc.gov
A. Daudu 6:1:1 Y21 adaudu@schools.nyc.gov
I. Douglas 6:1:1 Y22 idouglas@schools.nyc.gov
E. Rodriguez 6:1:1 Y24 erodriguez101@schools.nyc.gov
R. Abebuasa 6:1:1 Y25 rabebuasa@schools.nyc.gov
A. Gentle 6:1:1 Y27 agentle@schools.nyc.gov


Cluster Teachers

Subject Area Email
V.  Ivanov Physical Education 1 VIvanov@schools.nyc.gov
Eric Fernandez Physical Education 11 EFernan3@schools.nyc.gov
K. Grant ADL kgrant2@schools.nyc.gov
D. Manning
Art  DFailey@schools.nyc.gov
J. Jacobs Technology JJacobs11@schools.nyc.gov
P. Goncalves CDOS pgoncalves@schools.nyc.gov
H. Uche Social Studies huche@schools.nyc.gov
R. Guzman Science  RGuzman8@schools.nyc.gov
L. Perez ATR lperez33@schools.nyc.gov
N. Espana ENL nespana@schools.nyc.gov


Related Service Providers Subject Area Email
A. Dean
Guidance Counselor ADean@schools.nyc.gov
A. Sullivan Guidance Counselor ASullivan5@schools.nyc.gov
G. Mercedes Peguero Guidance Counselor (Bilingual) gmercedespeguero@schools.nyc.gov
B. Brockman Speech bbrockman@schools.nyc.gov
C. Cedeno Speech ccedeno5@schools.nyc.gov
N. Raufova Speech nraufova2@schools.nyc.gov
A. Zendano Speech azendano@schools.nyc.gov
P. Johnson Occupational Therapist pjohnson27@schools.nyc.gov
A. Perez Occupational Therapist APerez52@schools.nyc.gov
R. Samuels Occupational Therapist rsamuels7@schools.nyc.gov
Vac Physical Therapist  


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