P.188X @ M.S. 301

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Staff Organization

P188X 2019-2020

**Organization is subject to change based on school allocation and student referrals**

Administration Title Ext. Email
Shanie J. Smith-Baugh Principal Ext. 132 sjohnso28@schools.nyc.gov
Benjamin Gehlmeyer Assistant Principal MS 301 Ext. 3050 bgehlmeyer@schools.nyc.gov


Office Staff Title Ext. Email

Jesenia Fermaint

School Aide



Luis Perez




Marvia Harriott

School Nurse




TEACHER Ratio Class Grade Room E-Mail
Jorge Cesin
12:1:1 V19 J 307 jcesincampusano@schools.nyc.gov
Ann Marie Dennis 12:1:1 V20 J 309 adennis7@schools.nyc.gov
Deidra McCollough 12:1:1 V21 J 315 dmccullough4@schools.nyc.gov
Anita Pete 12:1:1 V22 J 318 apete@schools.nyc.gov
Linda Holmes 12:1:1 V23 J 311 lholmes5@schools.nyc.gov
Jenille Williams 12:1:1 V24 J 313A jwilliams118@schools.nyc.gov
Barbara Nevith 8:1:1 X10 J 320B bnevith@schools.nyc.gov
Kim Robinson 8:1:1 X11 J 325A krobins12@schools.nyc.gov
Eden Murray 8:1:1 X12 J 316B emurray5@schools.nyc.gov
Wayne Anthony 8:1:1 X30 J 307 wanthony2@schools.nyc.gov
Indiana Douglas 6:1:1 Y22 J 329A idouglas@schools.nyc.gov
Evelyn Rodríguez 6:1:1 Y23 J 327 erodriguez101@schools.nyc.gov
Henry Uche 6:1:1 Y24 J 301 huche@schools.nyc.gov
Abimbola Olusoji 6:1:1 Y25 J 326 aolusoji2@schools.nyc.gov
Darline Eguabor 6:1:1 Y26 J 302B deguabor@schools.nyc.gov
Militza Colon 6:1:1 Y27 J 316 mcolon67@schools.nyc.gov
Abianda Daudu 6:1:1 Y28 J 324A adaudu@schools.nyc.gov
Allison Gentle 6:1:1 Y29 J 324B agentle@schools.nyc.gov
Rosina Abebuasa 6:1:1 Y30 J 320 rabebuasa@schools.nyc.gov



Subject Area Room Email
Denise Manning
Art (S/A) 304A DFailey@schools.nyc.gov
Viatcheslav Ivanov APE (A) 339A VIvanov@schools.nyc.gov
Eric Fernandez Physical Education (S/A) GYM EFernan3@schools.nyc.gov
Kenya Grant Health (S/A) Push-In kgrant2@schools.nyc.gov
Robert Guzman Science (S/A) 303 RGuzman8@schools.nyc.gov
Joseph Oppecker ADL (AA) 339B joppeck@schools.nyc.gov
Kevin Kane Performance Arts B1 KKane4@schools.nyc.gov
Joshua Jacobs Technology (S/A) 337 JJacobs11@schools.nyc.gov
Martha Cuevas
Dance/Movement B2 mcuevas3@schools.nyc.gov


April Deane
Counselor 331 ADean@schools.nyc.gov
Allison Sullivan Psychologist 319 ASullivan5@schools.nyc.gov
Alessandra Moore Speech 301B amoore29@schools.nyc.gov
Mary Demetriou Speech 301 mdemetriou@schools.nyc.gov
Brianna Brockman Speech 301 bbrockman@schools.nyc.gov
Christine Cedeno Speech 301 ccedeno5@schools.nyc.gov
Nubia Espana ENL 301B NEspana@schools.nyc.gov
Alina Perez OT B7 APerez52@schools.nyc.gov
Ronen Samuels OT B7 rsamuels7@schools.nyc.gov
Jennifer Gruttadaro PT B7 JGruttadaro@schools.nyc.gov
Jan-Cyrus Pangan PT B7 jpangan@schools.nyc.gov
Patrice Johnson OT B7 pjohnson27@schools.nyc.gov