Transportation Information

The buses are provided by the Office of Pupil Transportation (OPT). The Office of Pupil Transportation will send you notices about the bus your child will be taking, important information and student rules.

***Parents should also inform the bus driver/matron of any particular problem your child may have while traveling to school. Remember, travel time is part of your child’s education.

  • If busing issues arise, you may contact your child’s bus company or the OPT Hotline at (718) 784-3313 or visit

Waiting for the Bus

 Students on a bus 

In the morning, an adult should wait with the child until the bus arrives and an adult should be at the bus stop in the afternoon to meet the child.

Afternoon Drop-Off Form

 Students waiting at bus stop 

Those parents who want their child to be dropped at a different place than where he/she is picked up must fill out a separate “drop-off” form, contact 718 561-2052.


 Moving truck 

If your family is moving, please notify the school three weeks before you move in order to arrange for new bus transportation.

Bus Suspensions

Red downward pointing arrow labeled "suspension" 

If your child is suspended from the bus, you are still responsible for your child’s transportation to and from school during those days. Please note that any absences that occur during a bus suspension will count against your child’s overall attendance.